Disciple Path Disciple Training – the next step in growing God’s people to be the church God has for us to be.  What is a Disciple?  What does it take to follow Jesus? I am new to the faith, can I come?  I have questions about God and can He really use me? Please come. This is a study committed to growing and developing your walk.  Hope you pray for these ministries and join us.

Summaries of our sessions associated with the Discipleship Training can be found below.  They are posted in reverse order (most recent at the top).

Jesus Sends His Disciples

September 23 marked another session of the Disciple Path series.  Below is a summary of our session and info for next time.

What are the biggest changes that you’ve experienced as a follower of Jesus?

Answers included:

a way of thinking, a way of living, it is a process, that you don’t have to do anything alone, that whatever happens is in His will, that you can leave ALL things with Christ, growth, maturity

  • What do you think the disciples felt and thought the last week of Jesus’ earthly ministry?

Answers included:

Who is gonna lead us? What are we gonna do? Saddness.  Questioning Jesus

Matthew 28:16-20

  • In what ways has this commission been carried out in the centuries since Jesus sent his earliest disciples?

Answers included:

Missionaries, technology, our youth group, brother and sister churches

  • In what ways is Jesus’ commission still incomplete?

Answers included:

there are still countries where missionaries cannot go into, there are still people around us that have never had a bible

it was noted that “we” will never know when the great commission is considered fulfilled.

Disciple Fact 101

Jesus’ command is active not passive.  He didn’t command his disciples to think about the world.  He didn’t ask His followers to say nice things about different people groups.  Jesus commanded his disciples to “GO”.

  • How would you describe your experiences with missions?

Answers included:

a joy in watching youth become involved, the fact that no matter how much planning is in place on our mission trips…it never seems to happen the way that it is planned… yet it always ends up so much better (because it was God’s plan).

  • What does it mean to recognize Jesus’ authority in our lives?

Answers included:

understand that He is our balance, become humble before Him, understand the rules that He has set forth for us

Matthew 28:19-20

  • Why Baptism?

Answers included:

Washing away of the sins and being cleansed by the blood of Jesus. A public commitment to a Christian way of life.

  • Describe your experience with Baptism.

Answers included:

that getting baptized was something you thought “you had to do” as a child, you understand the meaning more as you mature in your relationship with Christ, being baptized in a pond back in the older days before there were baptismals in the church.

Disciple Fact 101:

One of our main goals in living out the great commission is to connect with new disciples in such a way that we provide an example of how to follow Christ.

  • Who has been an example of Christlikeness for you?

Answers included:

Mrs. Eagerton, mom, friend at work

  • How confident do you feel in your ability to make disciples and SERVE as an example for others to follow?

Answers included:

willingness to share more than before, learning to do it more often, while we may not be “confident”, we can try to share… even in a small way.

Jesus Equips His Disciples

September 9 marked our fourth session of the Disciple Path series.  Below is a summary of our session and info for next time.

Disciple Fact 101:

A Christ follower is available

– on-call, willing, open

DIY means do-it-yourself…

Would Jesus give you a job without equipping you to be successful?

Matthew 10:1;5-15

What emotions would you have experienced if you received these instructions from Jesus?

Answers included:

Panic, inadequacy,

Which part of these instructions seems most difficult? Why?

Answers included:

Going out on faith alone

Why do you think Jesus sent them out in pairs?

Answers included:

Safety, confidence, guidance, support

Disciple Fact 101:

We must never lose sight of the crucial truth that our most important resource in following Jesus is our access to Jesus Himself.

What excuses do you use when you don’t want to obey what God is asking of you?

Answers Included:

“I don’t know enough scripture”, “I don’t have the right gifts”, “I’ll do it tomorrow”, “I don’t have time”

Disciple Fact 101:

Following Jesus should force us to rely completely on Him.

Luke 9:46-48

As a follower of Jesus, you will be tempted to compare yourself to other disciples.  Such comparisons are rarely helpful, and they often cause great damage.

Cost of Discipleship

Luke 14:25-35

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August 12 marked our second session of the Disciple Path series.  Below is a summary of our session and info for next time.

Disciple Fact 101:

1.  Jesus calls His disciples.

2. Jesus teaches His disciples.

3. Jesus equips His disciples.

4. Jesus sends His disciples.

As disciples, we MUST trust in Jesus

*** You are not going to know how to be a disciple right away. He will equip us accordingly.  You will grow (and never stop) toward discipleship

As a disciple, if you are approached by someone with a question of faith, it is important to be prepared with an answer… even if you are not sure.  Try this:

Give them the basic truth:  JESUS DIED FOR YOU! Follow that by telling them you will research their question and get back to them.

John 1:43-51

Everyone’s story will not be the same.  Your experience(s) that brought you to your walk with Jesus is yours alone, and undeniable.

Disciple Fact 101:

There is no template for receiving the call to follow Jesus.  There are no magic words you have to say and no amount of steps that you must follow in order to officially be considered a Christian.  Simple: A-admit B-believe C-Confess

With a “true” profession of faith, once you are in the Father’s hand, you CANNOT be snatched out.

after salvation…

Just because you have been saved, does not mean that you will not face struggle

We are all imperfect people with a perfect Savior.  Even after salvation.

Disciple Equation: ENCOUNTER + TRANSFORMATION = A New Life & A Story to Tell

Do not be ashamed to share your story.  You  never know who it might impact.

What product or experience that made your life better or easier so much so that you cannot stop sharing or raving about it?

Disciple Fact 101:

When WE experience something that changes our lives for the better, we almost can’t stop sharing the news.  That’s our natural reaction when we encounter something or someone that brings us joy.

Sharing the gospel with those we care about can evoke many emotions:

– fear

– anxiety

– anger

– confrontational

– discomfort

As disciples, we MUST use what the Lord has blessed us with as a means to make a connection.  Spiritual connections can be made on the sports field, deer stand, golf course or in the middle of the mall.

Acts 9:1-6

Sometimes is takes divine intervention. It may mean hitting rock bottom. It may come in a radical way.

You have to be willing to engage in the opportunity when the encounter happens. You never know the impact that it will have and you have to be prepared and ready to seize the opportunity.

Repent means – a change – a turn around

If there is an area of life that needs repentance, we must ask God to help us!

HOMEWORK:  Look for the opportunity to be someone’s encounter with Jesus.

The Way

John 1:29-42

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We had our first discipleship training session July 8.  Below is a summary of our session and info for next time.

If you are looking for what discipleship means… read this

Some things that people hope to gain in their efforts to follow Jesus include:

  • being bold and confident when witnessing to others
  • being more obedient
  • gaining wisdom about God

First thing we, as disciples for Christ must make ourselves identifiable as followers of Jesus by our actions. These can even be the smallest of actions because you may never know who is watching and how it will impact them.

It is not up to you to bring conviction to those to whom you witness, but rather show them the love of Jesus through you so that they are pointed in the right direction when they recognize Jesus in you.

Some traits participants suggested that others might see as recognizable of Jesus in you included:

  • love
  • compassion
  • forgiveness
  • integrity
  • honesty

The greatest thing that you can share with someone is your testimony.  Everyone has one and it something that no other person can dispute.

Remember this Equation:

Encounter + Change = Disciple

Disciple Fact 101:

Jesus came to fix the problem of sin.  His death and resurrection opened the door for redemption – they allow us to experience forgiveness for our sins and live in a restored (or redeemed) relationship with God.  This IS the GOSPEL.

Disciples participate in Jesus’ mission for the World

  1. We must UNDERSTAND his redemptive mission (John: 3:17)
  • we are not here to judge, but to save

2.  We must GO (Matthew 28: 19-20)

  • our mission field is in our own backyard

3.  We must take ACTION (James 1:23-25 & 1 John 3:18)

  • it is not enough to talk the talk, we must walk the walk

August 19, 2018   6:00 PM

Looking Ahead… What’s Next??

John 15:1-17  Remain in Jesus

John 21:15-23  Jesus Forgives Peter