Prayer Requests

The law of prayer requires us, as believers, to pray so God can answer our prayers. In other words, we are supposed to ask, and then He answers. God is all-knowing. Jesus said the Father already knows what we need before we ask (Matt. 6:32). He also knows our desires. But He still requires that we ask Him for those things. James 4:2 says, “Ye have not, because ye ask not.” 

Current Prayer List

Chris Addy

Cook Addy

Greg Bailey

Kenneth Bledsoe

Susan Bolen

Paul Butler

Josh Canigila

Breelee Carnes

Steve Carver

Ed Carver

Evelyn Clark

Donnie Cook

Bubba Cooler

Robbie Davis

Lacie Doolittle

Ray Edwards

Robert Fink, Jr

Andrew Gantt

Dottie Gantt

Danilel Garvin

Velda Garvin

John “Cotton” Hayes

Jamie Holder

Judy Huckabee

Nathan Jackson

Wyman Jackson

Harlond Jackson

Tisha Jeffcoat

Timmy Johnson

Vita Jordan

Burl Jumper

Joan Kitchings

George Lauren

Ronnie Livingston

Dwayne Livingston

Junior Merritt

Billy Morris

Buddy Nobles

Brenda Padilla

Judy Parrish

Joan Patterson

Wendy Poole

Kent Puffenberger

Pat Quattlebaum

Dewitt Rollins

Barbara Ann Salter

Gloria Scott

Eugene Shaw

Sara Sizemore

Stacie Smith

Shelby Smith

Cindy Swartz

Edward Swartz

Richard Sweigart

Pat Thomas

Mike Truett

Bobbie Walters

Mike Weaver

Brittani Wise

Todd Young

Karen Youngblood

Family of TJ Langfitt

Family of David Miller

Family of Wanda Poole

Family of Dakota Thomas


In order to be added to our current prayer list and allow us to help lift up your prayers please submit a request below.

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